We are manufacturer of:

Promotional clothing

We offer advertising products of the highest quality with the possibility of full product marking.

In addition, thanks to cooperation with many wholesalers, we have a wide range of products at attractive prices from clothing to promotional gadgets.


We offer you comfortable and highly durable workwear.


We sew and decorate sportswear of all types. We offer a range of materials that meet the criteria of sportswear as well as various manufacturing techniques.

Business clothing
(women’s, men’s)

Medical clothing

Children’s/youth clothing

Men’s underwear


we also offer a wide range of accessories and advertising gadgets, i.e.: backpacks, cotton bags, caps, umbrellas, and many others.

We offer you comprehensive manufacturing preparation from the design, sewing of the pattern, its approval and then the execution of the entire production with its delivery.

On customer request, we make full collections from all kinds of knitted and woven fabrics with the possibility of marking using such techniques as:



thermal transfer